Diversity Action Plan for PENN Genomics

The aim of the Diversity Action Plan for PENN Genomics (DAPPG) program is to increase the number of underrepresented students choosing a career in genome sciences and genomic medicine by providing opportunity for hands-on genomics research.

Program details

Areas of study include:

  • Complex disease mapping, human genetic variation
  • Genome-scale functional analysis of RNA, protein, and pathways
  • Biophysical models of molecules
  • Design of experimental systems using microfluidics & nano-fabrication
  • Computational algorithms for genome-scale data
  • Software engineering of analysis systems
  • System-level modeling of cell processes & organismal development
  • Evolutionary dynamics

Program activities include:

  • An independent research experience that will primarily consist of hands-on projects within a selected laboratory
  • Receive information about graduate education, coursework and career goals
  • Exposure to a spectrum of genomics sub- fields and their methodologies
  • Advice on applying to graduate school and interviewing
  • Gain experience writing and reviewing papers and grant proposals
  • Opportunities to attend journal clubs, seminars and retreats

More information: